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Hi! I’m Mark. I want to share my work here with you! Our main site can be found by a google search of my name! MDP. Our Packages start at 2550.00 and go up from there depending on your experience you wish to have! We have everything from intimate wedding packages with guests under 50, to elaborate packages, all inclusive for those who want it all!

I’ve been doing photography for 13+ years here in the area starting out just like most, small and dedicated. I’ve grown over the last 10 years to an amazing feat that I never thought. We’ve been come one of the top published photographers in the area. Winning the News Journal Best award 2 years in a row. But that’s only thankful of the wonderful couples I have AND The amazing team I have, Lindsay, Daniella and Whitney. Take a peek here to see the Published Work.

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Here’s a few of my FAVORITE IMAGES! I love rain, stars and sky!

Bride and Groom Kissing in the rain

Kissing in the rain


Wedding portrait in the stars above



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